Here are some examples of add-on processes that were integrated with the JDE system, all of which use the JDE Dream Writer front-end, and were written using RPG, RPGIII, RPGIV, or RPGILE. Click any of the items below for a detailed explanation of the project.

Freight Rate calculations in JDE Sales Order Entry
The company was using Varsity Shipper to select freight rate options for customers. This 3rd party software package is not fully integrated with JDEdwards, and is not easy to modify if you want to add new shippers. So, I designed this add-on module that not only directly tied into JDE sales orders, but allowed an unlimited number of shipping carriers and options to be easily browsed by the customer service agent. No yearly maintenance fees, a better interface, and more flexiblity!
Automated FTP file distribution from the AS/400
Rather than purchase a 3rd party product for the purpose of using FTP to distribute files to and from customer sites, I designed and coded an FTP AS/400 command that simply does that; that is, do either a PUT or a GET of any AS/400 file to and from any accessible FTP site. The command does error monitoring so sending or retrieving a file via FTP in batch is as easy as prompting any other IBM OS/400 command.
Automated Fax distribution from the AS/400
Sending fax documents to customers was becoming a full time job. In order to avoid having customer service agents constantly getting up from their desks, a fax server was installed and software written that directly integrated JDEdwards invoices, sales orders, sales catalogs, etc., with the fax server hardware. Sending faxes became as each as pushing a button. Sending faxes within a CL program in batch was also possible using the same software interfaces designed to customize the faxing hardware with the JDEdwards database.
Automated JDE picking ticket production and distribution
Instead of printing sales order picking tickets on two HUGE printers and distributing them by hand to the correct warehouse picking station zone, smaller laser printers were installed at each of the picking zones and software written to allow each sales order to be associated with a particular zone in the warehouse. The result was a pick ticket being printed immediately after being entered into the system.
Automated JDE job scheduling system
The JDEdwards sleeper module is OK, but not exactly user freindly. In order to allow users to have more control over when and how their Dream Writer reports run, I designed and wrote a more user friendly job scheduling system specifically with users in mind. User can choose date, time, frequency, etc., all the basic options that any scheduling system would have.