FTP file distribution
Automated FTP file distribution from the AS/400 was needed when over one hundred unique transaction files from a newly acquired company be processed via FTP. Similar transaction file processing had already been programmed, but as separate programs for each file, most customers being unable to conform to the companies' standard file layout.

An integrated solution was sought that would allow either batch or interactive FTP execution, and provide enough feedback necessary to realize run time error monitoring. Rather than purchase a package for the task (such as Trailblazer) a single command was written that could be embedded in the companies existing procedures and run from either the command line or from within a CL program. Error monitoring is provided whether the target machine is an AS/400, Linux operating system, UNIX, or Windows NT. Help text panel groups with detailed explanation of each parameter was not excluded, so that any programmer can use the command and easily understand how the command functions and what capabilities it has.

Click one of the two buttoms below to view the green screen command and parameters associated with the CPYFTPF command, and/or online help text (panel group) in PDF format (pressing F1 from within the command displays the help text).

FTP file distribution parameter list
CPYFTPF command help text