JDEdwards freight rate system
Customized Freight Rate calculations & JDEdwards Sales Order Entry
This project required a highly flexible freight rate calculation system to be integrated seamlessly with the Sales Order Entry module of JDEdwards. Because customers are allowed numerous shipping choices and rates, this system had to provide for the customer service representative, fast access to available shipping methods and corresponding rates.

Rates can be based on either quantity, weight, special incentives, locations both domestic and international, or a combination of any of the shipping options. Shipping companies rates include but are not limited to UPS, American Freightways, DTI, Federal Express, etc. Rates can be obtained via the internet, or provided by the shipping company and imported into the Freight Rate system. To view a flowchart of how this system is integrated with the JDEdwards Sales Order module, or to view the options that are associated with the freight rate calculation program, click one of the buttons below.

Click here to view a flowchart of the process
Click here to view freight calculation program options
The following are sample screen shots from various functions of the Freight Rate System. This is not a standard module of JDEdwarlds World software. This was an enhancement created by Tony Davis for PBD Inc. The following screens are examples of some of the various functions that the add-on enhancement to JDE provides.

1. JDEdwards Freight Menu options
2. Freight rate table maintenance program
3. Freight rate Shopper program
4. Freight summary per sales order items list
5. UDC table for International rate codes
6. UDC table for country codes (desc-2 field is world ship zone code)
7. UDC table for Freight Handling codes
8. DFU over Freight shipping zone by zip code
9. DFU over Freight rates by FOB code and shipping zone