EC Gateway scripting is basically a traffic cop for Sybase EDI Server , an EDI product from Sybase. The scripting language is unique to Sybase, and contains its own FTP agent as well as other interfaces to other Sybase products such as Sybase EZ Link and HIPAA configuration tools used in the mapping of EDI data into client back-end systms.
Comp Benefits used EC Gateway as the middleware agent to transport data from and to the AS/400 eligiblity system, and to their customer systems via a HIPAA compliant EDI datastream. As a contractor for Comp Benefits, I coded the majority of the EC Gateway scripts, and managed the support of those scripts once moved into a production environment. I have posted two examples of the actual scripting language and the documentation created to outline what the scripts functions were, here on this web site.
Sample EC Gateway scripts & documentation
Click to view sample gateway script  EC gateway script and documentation that retrieves client data from the company FTP server and uploads the data to an AS/400 physical file, then kick off an RPG/LE program that will import the customer data into an interface file designed to send data to RIMS, the companies benefit managing software.
Click to view sample gateway script  EC gateway script and documentation that sends extracted customer database information to a vendor's FTP server remotely, then retrieves the resulting scrubbed information and uploads it back to the AS400. An import process is kicked off from the gateway script with notifying emails send to a distribution list.
Click to view sample gateway script EC gateway script and documentation that imports .TIF files from the companies intranet and compresses them using PKZIP. Up to 10,000 claims forms are scanned each day and saved as .TIF image files. The .ZIP file that is created is then encrypted using PGP software. All of of this is done using EC Gateway scripting. The resulting .ZIP file that is password protected is then moved back to the companies FTP server to a client directory where it will be retrieved and decompressed for data entry.