Make your camping trip memorable with high quality camp stove!

Getting camp stove is not hard, because the technique of selecting a good camping stove is having the true information about fuel. Most of the campers, will need to use an instant and easy consumable fuel during their camping activities. The most popular fuel for stoves are gas and liquid fuels, like meths or petrol.

There are several camping stoves, and the importance of it can never be denied in camping equipment. These are ultra light stoves which are highly useful for camping purpose; these are designed especially for outdoor activities for preparing fresh meal.  These are designed simply from aluminum cans. They mostly consume the liquid or solid fuel.

LPG: It is the fundamental quality of the camp stove that it is lighter and easy in use. It is heavier than air and can be stored easily. It gets very dangerous sometimes with gas appliances that the leakage of gas is occurred while changing the cartridge or cylinder. So, you must be well aware of the method of refilling or adjusting the cartridge or cylinder in the stove or regulator. It should never be change the fuel container inside your tent. More over it is dangerous to change it inside the building. It must not be done in front of naked flame. Always dispose of empty gas containers carefully. Never throw them near any fire material.

Propane: Propane can be stored at a much higher pressure than butane.  It needs little heavier and strong containers usually. Propane can be vaporized down to minus forty degrees Celsius, making it ideal for all-year-round use. This quality is making them extremely reliable. It is a safe fuel to consume due to the low volatile. Most of the campers consider propane stoves are good camp stove.

Butane:   These are compact and light weight. Camping stoves must be portable and easy to carry from one place to another.

Petrol and paraffin: Coleman fuel is simply a clean form of the same unleaded fuel. These are unleaded fuel like patrol that is filled in the car. If you buy this in small cans for camping, it will be quite expensive. Paraffin is known as a liquid fuel in the terms of the language of campers. It is commonly used in aircraft or in domestic heaters. It is known as Kerosene. Kerosene must be regulated carefully because it can burn the skin.

Solid Fuel :

Small Fuel Cubes which are in solid form are used to be burnt in the stoves. You can use small twigs, pieces of barks and any kind of solid flammable material as fuel in these stoves.

By getting the information about the variety of fuel it is now quite easy to select the suitable camp stove. These type of camping stoves have proven the best camp stove for camping the quality is very good and out class performance make them popular among the majority of the campers.

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